Havelland - Berlin

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Gallaxy 1226/08/19: 7 daysWerder Havel2,770 €2,216 €
Nomadream 900F26/08/19: 7 daysWerder Havel2,018 €1,755 €
Gallaxy 1209/09/19: 14 daysWerder Havel4,710 €4,475 €
Gallaxy 1216/09/19: 14 daysWerder Havel4,400 €4,180 €
Gallaxy 1223/09/19: 14 daysWerder Havel4,177 €3,968 €
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Havelland - Berlin

Hennigsdorf Werder Havel
4.44 / 5

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latest by "Jens" on 19 Jul 2019

Havelland - Berlin is one of the most beloved yachting destinations. Because of its pleasant climate, picturesque coastlines, numerous harbours and bays, the region is proud of its long-lasting seafarer tradition. Nowadays, it attracts many guests from all over the world. We will make you attractive offers in the region of Havelland - Berlin.
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