Canary Islands

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Sun Odyssey 479 (4Cab)4.73 / 5 (62 Reviews)31/08/24: 14 daysLanzarote / Arrecife10,768 €10,280 €
Sun Odyssey 479 (4Cab)4.73 / 5 (62 Reviews)21/09/24: 14 daysLanzarote / Arrecife10,768 €10,280 €
Oceanis 43 (4Cab)26/10/24: 14 daysMajorca / Palma de Mallorca1,490 €
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4.72 / 5
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latest by "Andreas" on 23 Mar 2024

Canary Islands is one of the most beloved yachting destinations. Because of its pleasant climate, picturesque coastlines, numerous harbours and bays, the region is proud of its long-lasting seafarer tradition. Nowadays, it attracts many guests from all over the world. We will make you attractive offers in the region of Canary Islands.
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