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Lagoon 380 (3Cab)01/08/24: 3 daysSeychelles / Mahe3,460 €3,145 €
Lagoon 400-S2 (4Cab)01/08/24: 3 daysSeychelles / Mahe4,530 €4,110 €
Lagoon 400-S2 (4Cab)03/08/24: 14 daysSeychelles / Mahe12,330 €10,050 €
Lagoon 450 (4Cab)03/08/24: 14 daysSeychelles / Mahe14,330 €11,670 €
Lagoon 450 (3Cab)03/08/24: 14 daysSeychelles / Mahe15,310 €12,460 €
Lagoon 400-S2 (4Cab)10/08/24: 14 daysSeychelles / Mahe12,330 €10,050 €
Lagoon 450 (3Cab)10/08/24: 14 daysSeychelles / Mahe15,310 €12,460 €
Lagoon 400-S2 (4Cab)17/08/24: 14 daysSeychelles / Mahe11,616 €9,471 €
Lagoon 450 (3Cab)17/08/24: 14 daysSeychelles / Mahe14,596 €11,881 €
Lagoon 440 (4Cab)17/08/24: 14 daysSeychelles / Mahe10,973 €8,951 €
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Yacht charter Seychelles Mahe PraslinGeneral Info

The Seychelles are a group of islands in the Indian Ocean consisting of 120 granite islands and corals with the total land area of 450 square kilometres. Having been a British colony before, the state of the Seychelles became independent in 1976.  

Situated in the western part of the Indian Ocean, about 1600 kilometres westerly from Kenia, the Seychelles are devided into two groups of islands – the inner islands around Mahe, which is the main island, and the outer islands including 24 coral formations. Each of the islands has its special “treasures”.

The population of the main island Mahe is about 70 000. The capital Victoria seems to be the smallest capital town of the world.


Arrival & Visa Requirements

Citizens of almost all countries including Russia and the EU countries can travel to the Seychelles without visa, just carrying their valid passport or identity card with them.

Coming from the most European countries, you should be careful with the left-hand traffic!

Yacht Charter Regulations & Required Documents

For yacht charter on the Seychelles you only need to possess a valid skipper licence. There are no other regulations or restrictions concerning yacht charter guests, and your check-in will be done easily.

If you charter a yacht with skipper and/or professional crew, you shall have with you just your valid passport or identity card.

Traditions & Gastronomy

Most local inhabitants live on agriculture, trade or work in the tourism and gastronomy sectors. Many Seychelles-born young people prefer to get an education in Europe and then return to their home paradise to start their own small business.

Due to the tropic situation, the plants grow very fast in this region. Just like the worldwide famous huge palms Coco de Mer on the island Praslin. These huge palms can get over 800 years old. The palms do not yield fruits before the age of 25. The form of the sea coconuts is similar to a feminine pelvis and has excited seafarer at all times.

Seychelles islands - huge turtlesThe outstanding species of huge turtles, which was considered to be died out, was discovered on the island Silhuette in 1996. Nowadays, these turtles are being raised in some small private farms on the Seychelles. Some of the turtle farms are open for visitors. Yacht charter guests will be amazed by these animals that can easily reach the age of 200 years.

There are 5 bird species inhabiting the Seychelles islands that cannot be found elsewhere on Earth, for instance the rare black parrot. There is a beautiful legend saying that the huge coconut palms on the beaches, which always grow a male tree near a female tree, kiss at night. Everyone who saw them kissing, would turn into a black parrot. Other tipical inhabitants of the Seychelles islands are the bats of the genus Pteropus, which are aslo called “flying foxes”. They are the largest bats in the world.

The cuisine is in line with the atmosphere on the islands and includes many exotic dishes. The main ingredients are above all coconuts, mango, papaya, lime and exotic spicies, such as the lemongrass. The lemongrass is not only used as a spice for several dishes, but also to prepare tees and infusions against fever and sleeplessness. The local herb “bwa sagaye” is even used for magic.

In the restaurants sailing crews will have the opportunity to taste seafood from the region or dishes with exotic meat, for example the “bat curry”.
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