Sailing holidays Montenegro

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If you like sailing in the Mediterranean sea, if you are a fan of Italy and Croatia, if you want to explore and discover places, Montenegro is a must for you. Definitely, a highlight for all yacht charter crews and a pearl of the Adriatic sea.


Montenegro's history reaches far into the past. In the times of the ancient Rome, the Bay of Kotor belonged to the Roman province Dalmatia, founded by Augustus, the first Emperor of the Roman Empire. In the Middle Ages, under the rule of Stefan Dusan, the King of Serbia, it became an important trading junction and cultural centre. However, most of you will connect the Kotor Bay with its Venetian times, because of the beautiful architecture that you can observe there until now. After 1420, the towns of the Kotor Bay came under the protection of the Republic of Venice, which was then the leading trading and maritime power in the Mediterranean sea and left important and beautiful traces in this Mediterranean region. Nowadays, there are many architectural and cultural spots showing the great history of this place. You will admire the powerful old town walls from the Middle Ages, the Roman Saint-Tryphon cathedral in Kotor and the beautiful palaces from the Venetian times built in the 15th-18th centuries all over the bay.


The Bay of Kotor, surrounded by the mountain chains Orjen and Lovcen, is the most important and famous touristic and yachting region of Montenegro. The bay lying between the mountains is extremely picturesque. Kotor itself is a nice port town housing also the nautic, touristic and hotel management departments of the University of Montenegro. The Kotor Bay with the towns Kotor, Perast and Dobrota is a UNESCO world heritage sight.

Yacht charter is easy here as you will find a good infrastructure for yachts. Tivat has a new marina for yachts. The picturesque places are Perast and the St. George monastery island Sv. Djorde as well as the cementery island Gospa od Skrpjela.

Risan is the oldest town in the region where the antique Roman architecture can be found until now.
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