Maldives yacht charter

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Maldives is one of the few sailing regions that you can enjoy the whole year through, 365 days! This is truly a unique destination. The islands are situated in the Indian Ocean very close to the equator. That's why the weather here doesn't change during the year: the air temperature stays around 30 degrees Celsius and the water temperature keeps around 28 degrees Celsius. In this region, you will never find yourself in an unbearable heat and there are no temperature fluctuations at night. Unlike Thailand or Vietnam, Maldives do not have a pronounced rain season. Mostly, the rains are over after 10 minutes and you can keep enjoying your yacht charter holidays. Nevertheless, there is a high and low season regarding the prices. The low season is ment to start in May and end in October, when the rates go 15-25% down. Thus, Maldives can stay competitive for tourists travelling in summer and is a good alternative, if you don't want to repeat sailing in Turkey and Greece over and over again. 

The Maldives archipelago counts over 1000 islands situated to the south of Sri Lanka and Indian coast. From these 1192 islands only 200 are inhabited. Just 10 years ago, Maldives was an expensive holiday destination with private resort islands, where guests could stay for 500-1000 US dollars per night. This has changed since the government allowed tourism on islands where the local inhabitants live themselves. Thus, new smaller hotels and guests houses have been built with their normal rates of 50-150 USD per night making this region much more affordable. 

You will be delighted by this small paradise. The ideal yacht charter period in this region is 10-14 days, thus you can explore different islands, get enough sun tan and taste all varieties of local fish and fruits. Because of the longer flight, renting a yacht for 2 weeks instead of one week is a better option. There are a lot of floght connections to Male from most European airports, but you night find it even more comfortable to make a stop in Doha, Dubai or Istanbul.    
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