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Excess 1103/08/24: 7 daysVolos7,920 €7,150 €
Hanse 588 (3+1cab)03/08/24: 14 daysKos28,000 €22,440 €
Bavaria Cruiser 51 (5Cab)03/08/24: 14 daysSalamina (Athens)13,300 €12,000 €
Oceanis 34 (3Cab)03/08/24: 14 daysNea Peramos5,740 €5,186 €
Bali 4.6 (4+2cab)03/08/24: 14 daysMykonos34,540 €28,940 €
Excess 1110/08/24: 7 daysSkiathos8,070 €6,915 €
Oceanis 48 (5Cab)10/08/24: 14 daysRhodes13,550 €9,560 €
Sun Odyssey 440 (4cab)10/08/24: 7 daysLefkas5,740 €4,060 €
Lagoon 450 (4+2Cab)17/08/24: 14 daysKalamaki (Athens)19,200 €13,313 €
Oceanis 50 Family (5Cab)24/08/24: 14 daysCorfu / Marina Gouvia10,400 €8,060 €
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Yacht charter Greece Aegean SounionGeneral Info

Obviously, island hopping was invented in Greece! There are countless possibilities to travel from one island to another. In Greece, your yacht charter crew will be fascinated by the unique beauty of over 2000 inhabited and uninhabited Greek islands, which all invite for relaxing and enjoying your time with wine and tasty food in cosy tavernas.

Greece is one of the most picturesque spots on Earth. It counts about 2000 islands, which are inhabited by 1.5 million people. Beside the unique cultural heritage for the world, Greece is also proud of its clean and amazingly light-blue sea water and the warm sun shining almost all the year through. Yacht charter in Greece is the classical yachting vacation in one of the most popular and well established sailing and yachting regions of the world.  

Arrival & Visa Requirements

As Greece is a EU member state, the EU visa regulation is valid for travellers:

From the Russian Federation you will need a tourist visa to enter Greece. This visa can be issued by a Greek consulate next to your town. To apply for tourist visa, our clients can present their yacht charter voucher, issued by MORECRUISE.

Citizens of the other EU countries do not need visa to enter Greece. They may stay in Greece up to 90 days, just carrying their valid personal identity card or passport with them.

Greece SounionRegulations & Required Documents

For bareboat yacht charters in Greece you will need a valid skipper licence from your country. In addition, another crew member will be called co-skipper. He or she will need to present either an own skipper licence, a competent crew member certificate or a written declaration about his or her nautic experience and skills. Normally, we will send you such a declaration form after your yacht charter booking per e-mail. It can be signed at home and e-mailed back to the port authority. 

Traditions & Gastronomy

The Cyclades, the Ionian Sea, the Sporades or the Dodecanese – each of these regions has its own charm and its special attractions for your yacht charter cruise in Greece. If you are doubting, which region to choose, just follow this simple rule – for idyllic and comfortable sailing holidays you should sail around the small Aegean islands without big tourist infrastructure; looking for historical highlights, you should visit the bigger islands, such as Crete, Naxos or Corfu.

Yacht charter Cyclades GreeceThe Sporades and the Ionian islands are just perfect for family yacht charter cruises with children. In these areas, the summer wind Meltemi usually does not reach its actual strength. Those of you, who like sprotive sailing and plan long distances, must visit the beautiful world of islands of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese. Because of the wind Meltemi, you will be able to achieve a good cuising speed and sail long distances to the south. However, you should plan enough time, about two thirds of your whole sailing vacation period, to return to your starting port in the north of the sailing area.

The roots of our civilization are hidden on the Greek islands. There are evidences of human life about 7000 years B.C. In the ancient world, Greece was the centre of trade between Asia, Europe and Africa. The Greek culture was being influenced by different civilizations and cultures along the centuries, each of them leaving their special trace in the development of our modern culture. Yacht charter is the best way to explore the variety of Greek islands with their beautiful nature and crystal-clear water on your own. Oleanders, olive trees, fig trees and wine fields on the shores will give you that ineffable Mediterranean feeling.

Sailing in GreeceLocal vegetables and fruits are much used in the Greek cuisine – these are dishes of aubergines, zucchini and different kinds of beans, olives, dates, figs, almonds and grape leaves. Fresh citric fruits are usually used as refreshing drinks or desserts. Countryside inhabitants still produce their own feta, the worldwide famous Greek sheep cheese and the obligatory ingredient of the Greek salad; fresh home-made bread and flaky pastries filled with spinach, cheese or honey; nuts in honey; olive oil from own olives and of course own home-made marinated spicy olives. In the port towns and seaside regions yacht charter guests will also find numerous fish tavernas, serving fresh seafood and fish. Dishes from octopus are typical for these regions. Fishers hang them up to dry on clotheslines just beside the local sea taverna. There, octopus is prepared in different traditional ways – you can eat it as a starter or a main course.

Tasty food in cosy tavernas and great cultural heritage of the ancient world will capture your heart and make your Greek sailing holidays unforgettable.

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