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Bavaria 31 Cruiser (2Cab)28/09/19: 14 daysRügen / Lauterbach1,798 €1,452 €
Lagoon 400 (4Cab)28/09/19: 14 daysRügen / Lauterbach4,998 €4,036 €
Delphia 2828/09/19: 14 daysRügen / Lauterbach1,732 €1,399 €
Bavaria Cruiser 36 (3Cab)28/09/19: 14 daysRügen / Lauterbach1,998 €1,613 €
Bavaria Cruiser 40 (3Cab)28/09/19: 14 daysRügen / Lauterbach2,598 €2,098 €
Lagoon 400 (4Cab)05/10/19: 14 daysRügen / Lauterbach4,998 €4,036 €
Delphia 2805/10/19: 14 daysRügen / Lauterbach1,732 €1,399 €
Bavaria Cruiser 3205/10/19: 14 daysRügen / Lauterbach1,798 €1,452 €
Varianta 44 (3Cab)12/10/19: 14 daysLaboe3,180 €2,862 €
Varianta 44 (3Cab)19/10/19: 7 daysLaboe1,590 €1,431 €
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General Info

The coast of the German Baltic Sea is truly a beautiful region for yacht charter in the summer period. If are looking for an alternative to the classic sailing regions in the Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea is an attractive destination for you.

Note 1:

As the season is short, be sure to book your yacht in one of the summer months starting from the middle of June till the middle of August. In this period it is quite sure that you will find the perfect northern summer weather with calm sea, warm air temperatures around 25 degrees and perfect atmosphere for your holidays.

Popular yacht charter ports are Rostock, Heiligenhafen, Kiel or Rügen. From there, you have a dense infrastructure for sailing yachts with nice marinas and picturesque port towns. Lübeck is definitely a highlight, when sailing in the German Baltic Sea, but there are many small "pearls" too. You will be delighted how organised and cosy it is in Germany. Local people are friendly to yacht charter guests, offering the whole range of tourist services, and of course the typical German food and beer.

Note 2:

Some skippers advice not to sail in the evening hours or by night, in other words when it gets dark, because there are many ports that don't have enough lighting at night. Also you need to be aware of bigger traffic like trade ships. However, the sailing area is basically easy even for not so experienced skippers.

Enjoy your Baltic Sea experience on a charter yacht in Germany from one of our yacht charter bases below.
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