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General Info

The southern France is a favourite yachting destination of those who wants to combine yachting holidays and the glamourous atmosphere of social life and events. The Cote d’Azur with its noble port towns like Nice, Cannes or Saint-Tropez is probably the most famous and coveted resort region in Europe. The ambience of its golden sand beaches with clear blue water surrounded by sparkling noble villas attracts the “jetset” society from all over the world. During the annual film festival in Cannes, this area is crowded with stars and celebrities.

Besides the glamour of the Cote d’Azur, France has another two exciting regions for yacht charter – the Ligurian Sea around Corsica and the Atlantic coast in Bretagne.

Arrival & Visa Requirements

Russian citizens can enter France with a tourist visa (according to the Schengen visa agreement). To apply for a tourist visa in a French consulate, yacht charter clients shall present their travel voucher/boarding pass, which will be issued by us after the charter booking.

The citizens of the EU member states can enter France without restrictions.

Regulations & Required Documents for Yacht Charter

According to the French law, French skippers do not require a skipper licence. Skippers from other countries shall possess a valid international skipper licence from their own country. Yacht charter companies have the right to check the competence of the skipper by studying his log book or nautical experience list. In rare cases, you may even be asked to perform some maneuvers on the chartered yacht before the beginning of your cruise.

Traditions & Gastronomy

Like in the most regions of southern Europe, the life on the streets and promenades in the port towns begins after the sunset. After a hot day on the beach or on board of their yacht, yacht charter crews shall first relax on board with a cooling sundowner before going out. In the evening, countless restaurants of the highest standards offer traditional French “haute cuisine”. Yacht charter guests should not miss the opportunity to taste dishes of fresh fish, lamb, truffles, herbs of Provence and the best French wines. The streets are full of small shops, fine cafes and bars. The nightlife awaits you with a lot of modern clubs with the special French charm.
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