Yachting in Cuba

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LAVEZZI 40 (4Cab)01/08/24: 14 daysCienfuegos4,170 €3,590 €
Lagoon 410 (4Cab)01/08/24: 14 daysCienfuegos5,370 €4,616 €
LAVEZZI 40 (4Cab)02/08/24: 14 daysCienfuegos4,170 €3,590 €
Lagoon 410 (4Cab)02/08/24: 14 daysCienfuegos5,370 €4,616 €
Lagoon 410 (4Cab)03/08/24: 14 daysCienfuegos5,370 €4,616 €
LAVEZZI 40 (4Cab)04/08/24: 14 daysCienfuegos4,170 €3,590 €
Lagoon 410 (4Cab)04/08/24: 14 daysCienfuegos5,370 €4,616 €
LAVEZZI 40 (4Cab)05/08/24: 14 daysCienfuegos4,170 €3,590 €
Lagoon 410 (4Cab)05/08/24: 14 daysCienfuegos5,370 €4,616 €
LAVEZZI 40 (4Cab)06/08/24: 14 daysCienfuegos4,170 €3,590 €
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General Info

Cienfuegos CubaLandscapes of unbelievable beauty and great cultural heritage await you on Cuba. During your yacht charter vacation surrounded by coral reefs and white bays, you will forget your everyday troubles.

Cuba is not only the biggest, but also the most inhabited island in the Caribbean Sea. Its area of around 114,524 square kilometres is home for about 10.3 millions people. The island capital Havanna has the population of about 2.5 millions. Just some 190 kilometres away from the coast of Florida, the island has a bow like form and is 1,250 kilometres long from the north-west to the south-east. The straits of Yucatan – 140 kilometres wide – separates Cuba from the South American mainland. Exactly this area is the most safe and therefore popular sailing and sailing region in the Caribbean Sea.    

Geographically, the main part of the island is plain. There are some rocky bays on the south. About 30 kilometres southerly from the southern coast of Cuba, the Cayman trench is situated, which is about 7200 metres deep.

Arrival & Visa Requirements

Many airlines offer regular flights to Havanna. Those who have plenty of time for their sailing vacations in Cuba can also consider travelling with a cruise liner or even a cargo ship from Hamburg or Rotterdam.

Citizens of almost all countries require a visa or a so called tourist card to enter Cuba. To get a visa you must have your return ticket already booked and your yacht charter voucher issued. The vocuher is normally issued by our company after you have booked and fully paid your sailing vacation. 

Regulations & Required Documents

Yacht charter CubaFor yacht charter in Cuba you only need to possess a valid skipper licence. There are no other regulations or restrictions concerning  guests, and your check-in will be done easily.

Traditions & Gastronomy

Because of the fertile soil, a high percentage of coffee and sugar cane, cultivated in the world, grow on Cuba. The island is situated in the tropical climate zone with quite high air humidity. Despite the fact that the air temperature can fall down to just 7 degress Celsius, it reaches approximately 40 degress Celsius in summer. The prevailing wind direction on Cuba is north or north-east. The average wind speed is 10 knots, usually being slightly less in summer. The most rainsfalls are between May and October. Tropic storms can occur in late summer and autumn, however, the yacht charter region is considered as safe and one of the most attractive all the year through.

Some historical sources have evidences of first settlements on the island of Cuba in the 4th century B.C. According to these sources, the tribes of Siboney and Guanahacabibes used to live there. Cuba was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. This was the beginning of the spanish colonization on the island. Sugarcane was brought to Cuba in 1545.

Cayo Largo yacht charterYacht charter guests in Cuba shall have an idea of some restrictions. For instance, it is striclty forbidden to take pictures of military areas, industrial buildings as well as traffic facilities like airfields, bridges, railways and harbours.

The island capital is Havanna. The city is situated on the northern coast if the island and has a well protected harbour. Havanna is the centre of trade and culture on Cuba. Some famous people used to live here. Among them, for instance, is the American writer Ernest Hemmingway, who spent a large part of his life on Cuba.
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