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Lagoon 40 (3Cab)03/08/24: 14 daysRogoznica14,250 €11,490 €
Lagoon 42 (3Cab)03/08/24: 14 daysRogoznica18,050 €14,530 €
Bavaria C50 (5Cab)10/08/24: 7 daysSukosan8,070 €4,560 €
Elba 45 (4+1Cab)17/08/24: 14 daysZadar21,500 €18,455 €
Sun Odyssey 490 (5Cab)17/08/24: 7 daysSukosan5,870 €3,630 €
Elba 45 (4+1Cab)24/08/24: 14 daysZadar21,300 €18,284 €
Leopard 50 (5cab)06/10/24: 14 daysSplit10,125 €9,325 €
Oceanis 37.1 (3Cab)12/10/24: 14 daysSkradin3,700 €2,498 €
Leopard 50 (5cab)13/10/24: 14 daysSplit10,125 €9,325 €
Oceanis 37.1 (3Cab)19/10/24: 14 daysSkradin3,700 €2,405 €
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General Info

Pula yacht charterCroatia is proud to present its unique world of thousand islands, dreamlike bays and picturesque rocks as well as its huge cultural heritage to yacht charter crews from all over the world. The yachting region is perfect for both sailing and motor yachts. There is a big number of yacht ports and marinas of highest standard. Having visited Croatia once, you will return there again and again.

Arrival & Visa Requirements

Because of its central situation in the middle of Europe, the Adriatic coast of Croatia can be easily reached both by air and land. As the journey is rather short, compared to other yacht charter destinations, this sailing region attracts many families and crews with children.
For Russian citizens visa is not required, if they have one of the following documents: a) the original verified Letter of guarantee by a corporation or a physical person, or b) a tourist travel voucher, which will be issued by your charter company.
A special regulation is valid from May 1st till October 31st 2009, allowing Russian citizens to cross Croatian borders without the above named documents, just carrying their valid passport or travel passport.

The EU citizens can enter Croatia without visa by showing their valid passport or identity card.

Required Documents & Regulations for sailing in Croatia

Dubrovnik sailing holidaysFor yacht charters in Croatia a skipper has to possess either a valid Croation skipper licence or a valid international skipper licence from his own country. Skippers from European countries where sailing is allowed without licence, such as Netherlands or Scandinavia, should pay attention to the often changing legal regulations regarding this matter and should contact the local charter company for more details.

Note: according to the Croatian law all charter yachts must be equipped with a VHF device; therefore, a skipper must either possess a skipper licence that includes VHF skills or a separate VHF sertificate in addition to his skipper licence.    

There is a possibility of taking a one-day VHF course with final examination and certification in most big Croatian yacht ports. If you do not have a VHF licence and want to charter a yacht in Croatia, please contact us as early as possible, so we and the local charter provider have enough time to arrange your one-day VHF course!

The most important VHF channels in Croatia:
Pula – 73
Rijeka – 69
Split – 67
Dubrovnik – 73. 

Traditions & Gastronomy

Most Croatian yacht ports are situated directly at or right beside old towns. Each of them is full of historic traces, and there is definitely a lot to see – museums, galleries, old churches, castles, palaces and monasteries build the townscapes. In the summer months, the narrow streets and plazas of the towns serve as stage for different cultural events, concerts and artistic performances. The vivid life in these old Mediterranean centres as well as the cosmopolitan atmosphere, typical for port towns, make Croatia to one of the most beloved yachting destinations in Europe. A sailing vacation in Croatia is always an exciting and unforgettable experience.
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