Sea Turtles Aid Campaign

{#keyword#} - Sea TurtlesBooking a yacht with MORECRUISE, you help to preserve the rare species of sea turtles! Read below why and how!

Some of our guests and especially our clients may have already asked themselves, what sea turtle had to do with a Yacht Charters portal!

Turtle is not only the favourite animal of our team, but also the beautiful inhabitant of some yachting regions. Because of the worldwide decreasing population of sea turtles, and especially of the Loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta), the species belongs to rare and disappearing animals and is under protection. Many of the readers will now have the right presumption that most sea turtles are inhabiting in the tropical regions of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. However, you can even encounter these outstanding animals in the centre of Europe, in the Mediterranean Sea, around the Greek islands Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Crete, on the peninsula of Peloponnese, in the south-western regions of Turkey and even in the southern parts of Italy.

{#keyword#} - Sea TurtleAs well as some of our clients, we were lucky to observe the huge Loggerhead turtles in the ports and bays and even on some wild beaches of these Yacht Charters regions. The Loggerhead sea turtles can reach the length of 1.20 metres and weight of 110 kg. Young animals that manage to survive the most dangerous first years of life can live past 200 years.    

The company MORECRUISE has decided to support sea turtle protection projects - we will forward 10 Euros from each Yacht Charters booking to an organization for sea turtle protection.

One organization with the most interesting sea turtle protection project will get our annual fund at the end of each year!  


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