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Yacht charter - skipper trainingSkipper education and training is the essential condition for yacht charters. The courses offered by sailing schools are comprehensive and costly in terms of time. And they all aim at preparing the future skippers for the exams in nautical theory and practice. In many cases, however, after having learned so much theory, the skipper still misses sailing practice. And this is exactly what he should do next to get more important experience!

If you already have a skipper licence, but feel unsure to charter a yacht on your own, the following offer is just right for you:

One the the leading Russian sailing schools with the seat in Moscow now offers a great possibility to charter one of their sailing yachts for skipper practice. The Captain Polo's yachts are based in Moscow and in Fethiye. No matter if you just want to escape the big city for some hours to train your nautical skills or wish to combine sailing practice with a relaxing holiday trip for some days, all sorts of charter are possible! The good thing is that you can charter hours, days or weeks.

The charter prices include many extras, such as a welcome event in a yacht club, safety briefing or after-charter meeting with other skippers.

During each charter, an experienced skipper is on board with you to help imroving your skills!

Yacht charter - skipper training in MoscowFor more information on practice yacht charters in Turkey and prices for the current season, please visit our news article "Skipper training in Turkey"!

For more information on practice yacht charters in Moscow and prices for the current season, please visit our news article "Skipper training in Moscow"!

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Have fun, get more sailing experience and share it with others!


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