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Notice: The English version of the following interview was translated into English from the original Russian interview.

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Our client Evgeny Burmistrov won the transatlantic regatta ARC 2008, starting from the Canary Islands and finishing on the Caribbean island St. Lucia. Mr. Burmistrov agreed to share his experience with MORECRUISE in an exclusive interview.

- Evgeny, was this your first transatlantic sailing experience?

Yes, it was.

- What in your opinion was the decisive factor, which helped your crew to win the race? Was it the boat itself and its equipment or the experience and competence of the crew members?
Our boat for the ARC 2008 was Volvo-60 NovaOne – one of the best yachts in its category, which finished second in the Volvo Ocean Race. This yacht was re-equipped and used for trainings of Team Russia. The boat is kept in perfect condition. Regarding the crew, I must admit that it was the first transatlantic experience for most of the crew members, but everyone in our team was acting very well after a short time.

- How long do you practice sportive sailing? What attracts you in this sport?
I am not practicing sportive sailing constantly, just taking part in amateur regattas from time to time. But I like the thrill of a several-days-lasting race, which attracts me to participate.

- Which is the next regatta event you are going to take part in during this or next year?
My next regatta will be the Rolex Middle Sea Race, on board of Volvo-60 as well.

- What would you recommend or wish to all crews taking part in sailing races in general and especially to the participants of the ARC 2009?
Well, I do not really have a special piece of advice. I mean, each qualified skipper will normally know what to do. The ARC is an amateur regatta, and from my own experience I know that crossing the ocean with a normal cruiser is much more difficult than with a yacht like Volvo-60. Just be patient and enjoy! The biggest mistake of the beginners is the lack of warm clothes and rainwear. When you are in the middle of the ocean at night, it is never really warm.

- Apart of sportive sailing events you also enjoy yacht charter holidays with your family and friends. Which is your favourite sailing destination?
My favourite destination is the Andaman Sea. However, I spend much more time sailing in Turkey.

- And which sailing regions that you have not seen yet attract you for future yachting experience?
Above all, the Southern Ocean. And Cape Horn, of course. I still do not have experience with storms lasting several days. And I would also like to visit Norway.

- Do you have a favourite yacht? 
It is quite difficult to sail with chater yachts after Vovlo-60, which cruises with the speed of the wind. I miss the speed all the time! I am still looking for a good ratio between speed and comfort among charter yacht models. I like Sun Odyssey 50 very much, for instance, but only for relaxed cruising in the Mediterranean. The last yacht that impressed me was Oceanis 473, on which I crossed the ocean one week ago. 

- Just one last personal question: is there any item that accompanys you on every sailing cruise?
Yes, the GPS navigator. Either laptop or a small one, it provides for more safety and comfort.

- Thank you for your time to share your experience with our online readers!

The ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) is a popular transatlantic regatta, taking place each year in November with the route Gran Canaria - St. Lucia and bringing together international crews on over 200 yachts. If you are interested in taking part in the ARC 2009 or 2010 with a charter yacht, we will find an appropriate yacht for you! Please contact us for more information!

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