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Notice: The English version of the following interview was translated into English from the original Russian interview.

In the exclusive interview with Morecruise Sergey Moiseev speaks about the achievements of RYA, nautical skills of Russian yachtsmen and favourite Yacht Charters destinations.

Yacht Charter Morecruise RYA- Sergey, Morecruise is glad to be partner of the Russian Yachting Association! Could you please tell us about your association and its biggest successes and achievements?
The Russian Yachting Association celebrates its 5th anniversary this year, counting 1240 yacht skippers and crew members. The goal and the main achievement of our association are to inspire Russian people for sailing and yachting in all regions of the world. Our greatest achievement – all our certificate holders are competent skippers and have not had a single incident.

- What is your forecast regarding the popularity of yachting in Russia?
I think that within the next years we can compare it with the popularity of skiing and snowboarding. Those who like active holidays will spend their leisure time with these summer and winter activities. And indeed, yachting and skiing have very much in common.

- How does your association help this development?
Well, actually it doesn’t. We just give people the ultimate freedom without any steering components. And then it’s a chain reaction. We rather provide for no disturbance. Lately, for instance, our association managed to get the rejection of some legal regulations by UNO. The regulations would have decreased the rights of national yachting schools and associations in countries that did not join the Resolution Nr. 40 due to some reasons. Let me remind the readers that this Resolution defines the issuing rules for the ICC (International Certificate of Competence). In our opinion, Russian yachtsmen can get a better education in their own language, in Russian yachting schools, at least for the elementary and intermediary levels. This contributes to the better understanding of the subject, better skills and thus the general development of yachting in our country.

- What educational courses does your sailing school offer? Where can your students get their practical skills?
We offer all range of courses from competent crew member to offshore captain. Most of our graduates have day skipper or coastal skipper certificates. We organize practical cruises in the lakes of Moscow and surroundings and in the Mediterranean Sea. Our education is based on the UNO requirements for skippers of pleasure boats and carriage of passangers. We issue ICC certificates. Our school “Captain” is an officially registered sailing school with an own fleet for practice, great yachting literature, 25 years of experience and very good reputation. Our instructors have successfully completed all courses and have over 2500 miles of experience. We are competent and friendly.

Yacht Charter Morecruise RYA- In many countries, Yacht Charters is a popular way of spending holidays. In Russia it is still a new and unknown activity. Nevertheless, we try to make it available for Russian clients. What is in your opinion decisive for yacht charters with clients from Russia and the CIS countries?
Definitely, the level of their education and nautical skills. Not all sailing schools are equally good. We are concerned about the American IYT, which issues certificates for money, alowing incompetent skippers from Russia to charter yachts in Europe.
- Which Yacht Charters regions are popular among Russian yachtsmen?
The mild Mediterranean Sea, of course. Also the islands in the Pacific Ocean.

- Your yachting association has own yachts in Moscow and in Turkey, takes part in international regattas and helds and attends different yachting events in Moscow and abroad. What were the most important events for your yachtsmen during this year? And what events are planned in 2010?
Own boats testify to the seriousness of our role in yachting, especially if they are new and of good standing. Moscow is a yachting city. Sometimes, we just join a sailing event, unexpectedly for the crews. This year is full of adventures such as the transatlantic cruise with sailing and motor boats and different high level regattas. For the next season 2010 we have already got plans for its beginning and ending – EMYR – the three continents yacht rally in Europe, Asia and Africa, which will take place from April till June. In November we will join the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers), in connection with our sailing trip around the globe.

- How did you become a yachtsman?     
I started with sprotive sailing in the stundent yacht club “BUREVESTNIK”, when I was a stundent of the Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering. I got regatta experience on the sportive yacht Soling, and cruising exerience on the Polish yacht Kapella-2 “Tortila”. Then I got inspired by windsurfing and opened my first school.

- What is your personal favourite yachting region?
Turkey and Greece. There, we can always rely on the sun, the wind and the crystal-clear sea. The Turkish marinas always welcome us very friendly. What else does a yachtsman need? Our yacht is based in Fethiye – the ideal place for the first steps to yachting.

- And your favourite yacht?
It was a hard choice between catamaran and monohull. The panoramic view and comfort of a catamaran, when you do not need to climb the stairs down for matches or salt, pales in comparison with the navigating features of a monohull. My favourite yacht is Sun Odyssey 50 DS. I admire the French shipyard Jeanneau, which managed to design and build a yacht so beautiful, comfortable and fast like this one. I speak having more than 20 000 miles of skipper experience on dozens of yacht models. We have equipped our yacht “Pretty Promise” according to the latest technical standards. Now, she is the yacht of the future. No other sailing school of the world has got a yacht like this.
As a conclusion I would like to wish success and new achievements to the young, spirited and professional team of Morecruise Ltd. Owing to you, Russian yachtsmen can book great yachts all over the world having the possibility to solve all questions in their mother tongue.

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