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Cruising area & Coastline

Sicily – the biggest island of the Mediterranean – is known for its beautiful coastal landscapes. Yacht Charters is the best way to explore the beauty of this island. 80 per cent of the whole island area consists of mountainous and hilly landscapes. Sicily has a coastline of about 1000 kilometres. In the north and east of the island, massive coastal mountains are situated along the coast. Partly coming to the very sea, their rocks form beautiful bays with sand beaches. The southern coast of Sicily is flat, but very attractive for Yacht Charters crews due to its dreamlike beaches.  

The most famous sicilian landscape is, of course, the fumes of the Etna above the green hills and the red roofs of the villages. Etna is the biggest active vulcano in Europe and has frightened the island inhabitants many times with fumes and lava flows. The last big eruption of Etna was registered in 2002.

The Lipari Islands, also known as Aeolian Islands, are situated to the north of the island Sicily. They are also volcanic with two well known vulcanos Stromboli and Vulcano. Aeolian Islands were the spot for Roberto Rossellini’s film “Stromboli” in 1949.

Weather & Winds

Sicily is situated in the zone with typical Mediterranean climate. The summer weather is usually hot and dry. In the winter it becomes mild and wet. Blowing from the Sahara, the winds sirocco bring very high air temeratures to the southern regions of Sicily. In summer, the air temperature can rise up to 40 degrees Celsius. In the northern and western parts, the wind usually blows from the north-west with the strength of 3-4 Beaufort. On the southern coast, the main wind direction is south and south-west. The sea wind principle is also typical for this Yacht Charters area: the wind becomes stronger, usually about 4-5 Beaufort, during the daytime and calms down in the evening.  


Having the total area of 25 thousands square kilometres, Sicily is the biggest among all islands of the Mediterranean Sea. Blood of many nations including the Greeks, the Vandals, the Normans, the Staufers, the French and the Spanish runs through the veins of the islanders. Over centuries, these different cultures have come together in Sicily. Nowadays, we can observe their unique cultural heritage in the form of impressive temple complexes, monumental cathedrals and wonderful gardens. The eastern coast of Sicily is probably the richiest region of the island and also the most crowded by tourists.

Sailing in this area, Yacht Charters crews shall not miss the spectacular view of Etna. With the breathtaking height of 3300 metres, Etna is the biggest active vulcano in Europe. It last frightened the islanders with a great eruption in 2002, as masses of lava destroyed entire villages. On the other hand, the islanders also benefit from Etna: thanks to its ash, the soil is especially fertile in this region. Etna’s ash is the reason for Sicily’s fertile gardens and lush vegetation.

How to get there

Depending on the starting port, Yacht Charters crews can fly directly to Sicily and choose between the airports of Palermo and Catania. 

Sicily - Aeolian Islands - Calabria - locations

  • Lipari
  • Sicily / Palermo
  • Malta
  • Sicily / Portorosa
  • Palmi
  • Sicily / Riposto
  • Reggio Calabria
  • Sicily / Santagata di Militello
  • Salina
  • Sicily / Syracus
  • Sicily / Capo d’Orlando
  • Sicily / Taormina
  • Sicily / Catania
  • Sicily / Terrasini
  • Sicily / Cefalu
  • Sicily / Trapani
  • Sicily / Marina di Ragusa
  • Tropea
  • Sicily / Marsala
  • Vibo Valentia
  • Sicily / Milazzo
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    Sicily / Trapani

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