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Greece is one of the countries, where you can start your Yacht Charters vacation right in the capital city. Athens is situated just beside the Saronic Gulf, which will be your first sailing area on the way to the island group of Cyclades. You can easily reach the marina of Kalamaki, the biggest Yacht Charters marina in Athens, which is one of the reasons why yachting in this region is so popular among Yacht Charters crews from all over the world.

Short distances between the islands of the Cyclades group, which counts over 200 islands and islets, as well as the picturesque coastlines provide for an ideal Yacht Charters region with many different routes and possibilities to stay over night in bays or ports. You will find some more information about the ports and highlights of the region in the section “Highlights” below.

The wind Meltemi, prevailing in this region and blowing from the north, reaches its biggest strength of up to 8 Beaufort in June and August. Therefore, the high season months are reccommended for sporty sailing. The beginning and the end of the season are good periods for Yacht Charters with family and friends. Below, you will get some more information on weather and winds in the region of the Saronic Gulf and Cyclades.

Yacht Charters – Weather & Winds

The strong wind Meltemi usually blows in the area of the Cyclades during the whole high season and reaches its ultimate strength in July and August. During this period, its squalls can reach the storm strength. Within the Saronic Gulf, Meltemi is moderate, blowing from the north with 4 -5 Beaufort. When Meltemi does not blow, there is usually a southern wind of 2 – 3 Beaufort. Spring and autumn, when the weather is still summerly warm and moderate winds blow from the south, are perfect periods for Yacht Charters cruises with family and friends. The eastern coast of the Peloponnese has quiet wind conditions during the whole summer period.

The average air temperature in summer is around + 30 degrees Celsius.

{#keyword#} - Cyclades - SantoriniHighlights

In the Cyclades Yacht Charters crews have plenty of possible destinations. The peninsula Methanon and the islands Ägina, Poros, Hydra and Spetses are situated close to the starting port Athens. These islands are not only popular by sailing tourists, but also by the Athenians, who want to escape from the heat and the noise of the city. Not far from these islands, the peninsula of Peloponnese is situated with some important archaeological spots, such as Mykene and Epidauros. The coastline of the peninsula is exceptionally beautiful with picturesque vegetation on rocky coasts. The small towns and villages will give you an insight into the traditional customs still practiced there combined with modern Greek lifestyle. You will have the impression that these places, “forgotten” by civilization, still keep the spirit of calmness and idleness of the past. Yacht Charters guests looking for fun and vivid life shall visit the islands Mykonos and Paros and enjoy their first class nightlife. The most famous island of the Cyclades group is probably Santorini with its snowwhite roofs. In the ancient world, all of these islands used to be important cultural spots and have kept some relics from the past until now. Due to short distances between the islands, the Yacht Charters region of the Cyclades offers a lot of different routes for island hopping. You can define your day destionation every day shortly before starting to sail, depending on the current weather situation and your own mood. 

How to get there

At the beginning of this article we already have mentioned that the popularity of the Yacht Charters region of the Saronic Gulf and the islands of Cyclades is due to the favourable situation right near to the Greek capital Athens. The fastest way to get to your Yacht Charters base is to fly directly to Athens. From there, it will take you approximately 30 minutes by taxi or transfer, organised by your charter company. Apart of Athens, there are several charter bases on the islands, such as Syros or Santorini. If you get a charter flight going from your home airport to one of the islands, starting your Yacht Charters cruise there may be as convenient as in Athens.

Aegean / Saronic Gulf - Cyclades - locations

  • Delta Marina (Athens)
  • Paros
  • Elliniko (Athens)
  • Pireus
  • Glyphada
  • Poros
  • Ios
  • Santorini
  • Kalamaki (Athens)
  • Syros
  • Lavrion
  • zzz do not use - Athens (City. no port)
  • Mykonos
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