Yacht Ownership

Yacht Ownership
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How can I make my dream come true and become a yacht owner?

Thinking about buying a yacht, you might consider the following questions:

- Motor or sailing yacht?
- Length of boat?
- Number of cabins and layout?
- Which yacht model?
- Equipment of the yacht?
- Boat interior and design?

However, even more relevant topics are:

- Financing
- Home port
- Yacht management
- Insurance

MORECRUISE will guide you through the complex process of selecting, buying and financing of your yacht according to your financial possibilities. Our yacht charter management program might save your capital assets and cover costs.

The choice of your home port depends on:

- Type and size of boat
- Favourite cruising region and culture
- Local marina prices

For example, power boat owners should choose a secured cruising area with moderate winds and a dense marina infrastructure. Berth prices for the same yacht model can vary up to 200% in the Mediterranean marinas.

It is essential to provide for perfect maintenance of the boat during the whole year and to find a good and reliable manager.

Our team will gladly advise you on questions like this, so that you know exactly what shall be organized before and after your yacht purchase.

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